Pauline, The Prima Donna: or; The Memoirs of an Opera Singer

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In the great tradition of Eveline, Pauline, The Prima Donna, recounts the sexual exploits of our stunningly beautiful German virtuoso as she tours around Europe and beyond in search of the most perfect of pleasures. From London to Paris, Budapest to Moscow, our narrator finds congress amongst the young and old, naive and knowledgeable, rich and poor. Whether man or woman, one knowing touch is enough to send this vixen shuddering to orgiastic heights. With a proclivity towards gamahuching, Pauline tastes all that avante garde, turn of the century, Europe has to offer. Giving herself freely to prison slave and emperors alike, in acts of tribadism, menage-à-trois, and out and out public spectacular in orgies of bacchanalian proportions, there is no limit to this wanton's libidinous will. Written, anonymously in 1898, this rare gem of Victorian Erotica will be sure to shock and delight those a fan of the genre.
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